The mother of a young man who died in the Titan submarine .. I gave him my seat on the journey of death!

While she still does not understand the tragedy that befell her and her family Titan submarine explosion Last week in the depths of the sea, Christine Daoud, whose husband, Shahzadeh Daoud, and her son, Suleiman, died on that ill-fated voyage, revealed a surprise of heavy caliber.

The grieving mother confirmed that she had intended to go on the expedition to see the famous wreck of the Titanic, but stepped aside at the last moment, so that her son could go instead.

In her first interview since the disaster, she said her family had been planning this trip on Titan for a long time, but it had been postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was so excited

She also revealed that she had originally intended to go on the Titan submarine with her husband, because her son Solomon was very young at the time, according to the BBC.

However, she later retracted and gave her seat to her son, “because he was so excited to go,” she said.

In addition, she indicated to me that she was “really happy for them because they were both excited about this adventure.”

When asked how she feels now that her son has taken her place on the submarine, the shocked mother refused to comment.

In addition, Suleiman’s mother revealed that her 19-year-old son was obsessed with the “Rubik’s Cube”, which he could solve in 12 seconds, and had taken him with him on Titan. “He didn’t go anywhere without a Rubik’s Cube,” she said.

Also, she confirmed that her husband had a great passion and curiosity to explore the world.

It is indicated that Titanoperated by US-based Oceangate Expeditions, was set off on a two-hour voyage last Sunday morning, but lost contact with the support vessel after about an hour and 45 minutes.

On board were the British billionaire Himish Harding (58 years), the businessman of Pakistani origin, Shahzada Daoud (48 years), and his son Suleiman, and the two were British citizens, in addition to the French explorer Paul Henri Nargolet (77 years), founder and CEO of the “Ocean” company. Jet Expeditions” Rush Stockton, on a trip that cost each of them $ 250,000, and most importantly, their lives!

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