A resounding surprise for the families of the Titan submarine victims…and the “no return” trips continue!

The impact of the tragedy of the explosion of the submarine Titan still affects many who followed the story from its inception to the end that has not yet been written, as surprises continue to unfold day after day in an attempt to decipher the mystery of the tragedy and find out the way in which the five rich people died inside the submarine during their expedition to the wreck of the sunken ship Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The US Coast Guard said on Wednesday The wreckage of the tourist submarine, which was wrecked due to an implosion that killed its five passengers, has been recovered and what were believed to be human remains and brought them to land for examination. The Canadian-flagged ship “Horizon Arctic” transported the wreckage of the submarine Titan to a port in St. John’s, Newfoundland, about 644 km north of the accident site.

And in the last chapters of the tragedy, a legal expert detonated a heavy-caliber surprise about the case, during his conversation with American Fox News Network.

Richard Dainard, a legal expert and professor at Northeast University Law School, revealed that the families of the five wealthy people who died on the submarine Titan last week do not have the right to file a lawsuit against the “Ocean Gate” company that organizes expeditions to the wreck of the Titanic.

“No issue at all”

Dainard touched on strategic litigation, stressing that he did not believe “they had a case at all, they knew the risks of the trip, and they had no opportunity to sue.”

Dainard compared the situation to cigarette companies, claiming that Ocean Jet stated the risks of the trip from the outset, including placing the word “death” three times on the front page of the flight. Contract.

Daynar explained that cigarette companies have been telling people for years about the dangers of smoking, adding that cigarette company executives put their customers at risk, and pointed out that the founder of “Ocean Gate” himself, also died in the submarine.

According to Dinard, the suit will only be viable if it is proven that the passengers were defrauded or if it can be shown that the founder of the company was acting recklessly.
The legal expert pointed out that the company’s president joined the flight because of the safety measures he had taken: “He did so and died in the accident, so I think it is very difficult to say that the company acted recklessly.”

Dainard also said that families may find it difficult to find lawyers to handle the case, stressing that lawyers do not file lawsuits unless they believe there is a chance to win the lawsuit to actually collect damages.

Dainard added that the company will suffer a setback after the accident due to the unwillingness of future tourists to take risks, adding that if they repeat the offers of the trip, no one will accept it, noting that the participants in the trip paid $ 250,000 for each person.

“Just like any other professional, attorneys want to get paid, and the way plaintiffs’ attorneys are paid is in contingency fees, which means a fraction of the money is recovered if the plaintiffs actually win and get the money back from the defendant, and if There was no money there, there is simply no reason to do so it would be a pointless waste of professional time and money.”

It is noteworthy that the Titan submarine exploded on June 18, and 5 passengers on board were killed, the British billionaire Himesh Harding, 58, the famous businessman of Pakistani origin, Shahzada Daoud, 48, and his 19-year-old son Suleiman, and the two are British citizens, in addition to To French explorer Paul-Henri Nargolet, 77, and Rush Stockton, founder and CEO of Oceangate Expeditions.

No-return flights continue at $250,000

Nearly two weeks after the disappearance of the submarine Titan during the “no return” voyage to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean Jet Expeditions announced trips to explore the Titanic.

The company still advertises trips to the wreckage of the Titanic its websiteThe advertisement revealed two missions to the Titanic in 2024, during the period from June 12 to 20, and the second from June 21 to June 29, at a cost of $ 250,000 per person.

The company added that the price of the trip includes one dive, private accommodations, learning the required exercises during the trip, in addition to the expedition equipment, and meals on board the submarine, saying during the announcement: “You will learn about life on board a ship on a 400-mile journey.” Nautical from the site of the wreck of the Titanic .. Enjoy hours of exploring the wreck and the debris field before going up to the surface for two hours.

Lugo, the company operating expeditions for the sunken ship Titanic - Associated Press

Lugo, the company operating expeditions for the sunken ship Titanic – Associated Press

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