The United States lifts restrictions on aid to Ethiopia

On Friday, the White House announced the lifting of some US restrictions on aid to Ethiopia due to an improvement in human rights conditions, without including food aid that was suspended in June.

“We are lifting some restrictions on types of aid as food aid continues to be suspended,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council. Kirby did not provide additional details.

He pointed out that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided last week to lift some restrictions in light of the continued improvement in the human rights situation, especially in the wake of the cessation of hostilities agreement that was signed in November,” referring to the peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the rebels in the Tigray region. .

“Our primary approach has been to promote progress toward a lasting peace, while not overlooking concerns in Ethiopia when we estimate that our aid is being misdirected,” he emphasized.

Earlier in June, the US Agency for International Development announced the suspension of food aid to Ethiopia, justifying the move with a “wide-ranging and coordinated campaign” to divert donated supplies from reaching those in need.

The United Nations World Food Program followed suit, announcing the suspension of part of its aid for the same reason.

Addis Ababa criticized the two decisions, saying that they punish “millions of people.”

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