Watch a Spanish woman threatened by a flood and how they rescued her at the last moment

Death, capable of reaching a person wherever he takes refuge, even in a built-up tower, almost befell yesterday a Spanish girl who was surprised by a flood cocktail of heavy rains, torrential rains, and violent water drifts. Zaragoza, the capital of the autonomous region of Aragon in northeastern Spain, hit her car. .

It seems that the torrential rains swept away the car, or its owner acted on the advice of the authorities, and drove it to where it stopped it at the trunk of a tree, but the inside of it was filled minutes later with water and squalls. It will be decisive for her, according to what we see in a video shown by “” below, and in others, people appear at another end of the scene encouraging her to stand firm and telling her that they asked for help to save her, at a time when the live TV broadcast made the scene more exciting, according to what was reported reported by local media.

The strange thing is that what happened was in an area known as Barranco de la Muerte or the “abyss of death” because there were many collisions between cars, and some of them turned from a slope downwards, so the authorities built two tunnels, which solved the problem to a large extent, but the name continued as it is. It was, according to the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper, which indicated in a report published today that the storm that struck the city known in Arabic as “Zaragoza” will continue today as well.

Then came help and supplies

The city authorities issued appeals and advice through radio stations to motorists not to get out of them in the midst of torrents and drifts, but to drive them to hang in the streets and roads flooded with tree trunks, then get out of them to the roofs of their cars, and climb from them to the top of a tree to avoid being swept away by water, which is What the girl did exactly, but she was unable to do what would keep her away from danger for more than two hours, until help and assistance came to her in the last moments from a rescue team that arrived in a fire engine and its men pulled her out of what she was in, according to what appears in another video below.

Although yesterday, Thursday passed without casualties, except for injuries and wounds, most of them moderate, however, “muddy water flooded dozens of homes, buildings, basements, and shops,” while the snowfall falling in a large volume shattered many windows, and caused dents in the roofs of cars, costing the authorities more than 200 personnel. to proceed to the affected areas. It also mobilized dozens of soldiers and volunteers to clean up the accumulated mud in the streets and crossroads.

And the experts of the “Meteorological Agency” expect that the thunderstorm will continue on “Zaragoza” and its neighbors today, Friday, as well, with strong winds, and rain that can reach an amount of 15 liters per square meter, and that the broken traffic lights in the city will not be restored and repaired, next monday. As for the girl whose news stole the limelight, the local media is looking for her to come up with more than one story from interviews with her.

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