“Rotting in bed” invades communication…and psychologists warn

In the recent period, the phenomenon of “rotting in bed” has spread, and it has turned into a trend, especially on “Tik Tok”, as many people spend a whole day in bed away from the hustle and bustle of life, where they spend their time watching TV.

However, this phenomenon seems to have begun to invade social networking sites and attract more people looking for “bed rot”, so that many are spending more than a day in bed, which necessitated experts’ warning of this phenomenon.

Dr. Jessica Gould, associate professor of psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, spoke on the subject. According to a report by “CNN”, she said that after working at the weekend, she returned exhausted to her home, and succumbed to what had become described as “bed rotting”, the common term on “Tik Tok”, which Describes a heavy state that requires a long rest.

Bed rotting refers to the choice of staying in bed all day and thus “rotting” there.

And “rotting in bed” also refers to giving in to the overwhelming urge to stay in bed, which we sometimes have when we wake up in the morning.

TikTok users post videos of themselves under layers of blankets, often with a phone or snack in hand.

But Dr. Gold warns that being lethargic in bed for more than a day or two is worrying and can indicate various mental problems.

“If you don’t feel like leaving the house, try reading a book or magazine instead of watching TV,” Gold said.

She also said it might be helpful to talk to a therapist. She added that therapy can help her learn new coping skills and identify the cause of the urge to stay in bed.

According to the report, “bed rot is exactly the opposite of what we want people to do.”

She added that the bed should only be used for sleeping, not for activities such as watching TV, working or eating.

And she continues, “If you want to relax in a comfortable place, choose a comfortable sofa or chair.”

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