Hani Ramzy reveals the truth about his emigration from Egypt to Canada

The Egyptian artist, Hani Ramzy, responded to the rumors that affected him during the past hours, and talked about his emigration with his two brothers from Egypt to Canada and his settlement there.

The Egyptian artist made phone calls to a number of programs on Saturday evening, in which he stated that he was in Egypt, specifically the “Northern Coast” area, and had not left at all.

Hani Ramzy confirmed that on the night this news was released, he was in Egypt watching a play at the National Theatre, after which he left for the “Northern Coast” for a vacation.

However, he was surprised by a large number of messages and communications asking him about the truth of his emigration, which prompted him to confirm that this rumor came because of a statement made by Dr. Khaled Montaser about their travel to Canada in September.

Hani Ramzy confirmed that he will indeed travel in September as well as in August with a group of artists, but the purpose of the visit is to meet Egyptian immigrants abroad, to enhance their connection and communication with Egypt.

He stressed that he will travel to Canada as well as to the United States of America, accompanied by another delegation, stressing that he is at the service of his country at any time and will not fail in this matter, as he put it.

Hani Ramzy revealed that he had already thought about emigration in the past, but this happened when the Brotherhood assumed responsibility for governance, and he had already applied for residency in the United States of America after the advice he received from close associates, because of his attack on the Brotherhood in his program.

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