The view within NATO of the Ukraine war is changing significantly

Hungarian Defense Minister Kristof Salaj Poprovniki confirmed that the mood on the conflict in Ukraine is changing significantly among NATO member states, adding that “it is clear that a military solution does not produce results.”

“aggressive speech”

“Some NATO member states, and often the Secretary General himself, although not on behalf of the Alliance, but on behalf of some NATO member states, continue aggressive rhetoric,” he said.

We call for an immediate cease-fire.

He also added in an interview with Radio Kossuth: “We, unlike them, strongly advocate the need for an immediate ceasefire and the start of peace negotiations, through which a quick peace can be reached. This is a minority position, but the mood on this matter is changing significantly. It is clear that the military solution… does not lead to a result.”

“empty vaults”

In the context, the secretary of the office of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Šaba Demeter, said that the European Union’s coffers are empty due to funding for Ukraine, with a proposal for a new budget for 2027 to allocate another 50 billion euros to Kiev, while Budapest has not received “a penny” of the money owed to it. money from the European Union.

Fears of a world war

And the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, had warned that a new world war would break out immediately if Ukraine joined NATO.

Orban said: “Ukraine’s membership in NATO would have ignited a new world war.”

It is noteworthy that Hungary has consistently opposed the imposition of sanctions on Russian energy resources and arms shipments to Ukraine, and in March 2022, the Hungarian parliament issued a decree banning the supply of weapons to Ukraine from the country’s territory.

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