A video of Ibn Amr Khaled’s graduation from a British university is causing controversy

A video published by the Egyptian preacher, Amr Khaled, for his son’s graduation from a British university in London, sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites.

Controversial video

Moments after Amr Khaled posted the video clip and a photo on his Facebook page, mixed comments poured in asking why he did not choose Al-Azhar University to teach his son, especially since he is an Islamic preacher, while others defended the choice of Amr Khaled and his son in education.

Commenting on the video clip, in which he appears alongside his son Ali, the famous preacher said: “One of the most beautiful and influential moments of life is my son Ali’s university graduation.”

“The best days of my life”

In another post on Facebook, Amr Khaled published a family photo with his son, he said: “In one of the most beautiful days of my life, I and my little family celebrated the graduation of my beloved son Ali.

Sources of his wealth?

After that, the pioneers of communication circulated the video, wondering about Amr Khaled not teaching his son at Al-Azhar University or any Egyptian university, also wondering about the sources of his wealth.

He wrote an account under the name “Together Against the Dealers of Religion”: “The Islamic preacher Amr Khaled celebrates with his son after graduating from a London university in the country of fog and not a religious university that teaches Bukhari, Tirmidhi and Ibn Taymiyyah, confirming the proverb that says (a drug dealer does not use it).
He and his family enjoy the money of the devotees after he sold them the hereafter.

Attack and defense

And another account added, “They send their children to learn in London and brag about them..and they send people’s children after they misled them to fight in Libya and trade with them, and the life makers say to you…I am talking about Amr Khaled.”

Others, among the supporters of the Egyptian preacher, defended his choice of the university where his son teaches.

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