Microsoft responds to Cortana source code hack

A group of hackers struck a company Microsoft where I entered the source repositories of Azure DevOps The source leaked to Cortana And many projects Microsoft Other, submerged es.

She is considered the latest of the stars launched by the group in the name of “LAPSUS $ ‘, watch has also been successfully targeted by nvidia And the Ubisoft and other big tech giants.

And the latest update from the collection on March 22nd, a 9GB archive, which contains source code for 250 projects from Microsoft.

Among them, the group claims to have 90% of the source code for bing and 45% of the source for maps bing And the Cortanacontains some data that contains the contents contains a lot of source code Microsoft.

The source code is not included windows And the Office. headquarters. center In the infusion, the place for sleeping computer And, accordingly, e-mail is used in commercial offices on e-mail, and other documents that use it. Microsoft internally who worked on the projects.

coding Microsoft The hack is in a blog post detailing the group’s actions LAPSUS which you track as DEV-0537.

In the post, she said, Microsoft It was a limited access point Microsoft To make it clear that it is included in the inclusion of customer data in activities.

Check to get an acceptable amount Microsoft The cybersecurity response is to address the hacked account’s external relations.

Lead to increased risk, and this is similar I explained Microsoft during investigation Solarajet This is what actually happened.

explained Microsoft And issued on the export of this order LAPSUS The second version of the working group.

This is because source repositories can also contain keys API And signature certificates, and she did LAPSUS $ this with nvidia When the code was stolen DLSS demanded maker GPU open source (check it out and get a license Free and open source software)[Drivers[Drivers[برامجتشغيل[برامجتشغيلGPU his own”.

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