Apple’s problems in the Netherlands are worth a million dollars that will not go away.. I know why

The Corporation for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has so far been charged $55 million to a company for failing to fulfill its request, and the tech giant failing to comply with its request, imposing restrictions on consumer sanctions.

The Dutchman imposed fines in increments, 5.5 million US dollars, and entered late Monday.” To pay the fine, she pays a fine of 50 million euros ($55 million).

Apple amended its proposal on compliance Sunday with requirements set by the Netherlands ACM, Africa, and within the Netherlands, and the ACM said it welcomed Apple’s current move, saying: “Apps.”

It has restricted access to the ACM into production, and on iPhones, it can restrict entry to the App Store, making dating app providers highly dependent on Apple.

evening, accountability, the fulfillment of a dominant position, for example, by setting unfair terms.”

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