How do you know that you are blocked on “WhatsApp”? .. 5 ways

Check out the WhatsApp application that keeps it safe and downloads it from harassment, there are seven ways you can follow among them if you have been blocked by your contacts, and the rule of its publication in the UAE.

Check Check Best Impressions Check Best Impressions Check Get to know the status of getting a clear view. Tie activity on the chat on the chat or the same profile of a particular relationship, you found this message, it indicates that, you have been blocked.

Stage 2: Check for signs that the message has arrived, another brand, a brand, a brand, a brand, another brand for an indication that the owner of this account has blocked you.

Method 3: Check the profile picture, the contact whose user profile has been updated on your phone, this means you can see your profile update, this means you can see their profile update, which indicates that the account holder has blocked you.

Fourth method: Call the user on “WhatsApp” Start the call, it means that you have been blocked.

Step Five: Step Five: New batch of emails you want, the second message, the next message, the next message, the next message, the message that you actually want to add.

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