How do you do it .. How to remove a section break in a Word file

You can delete sectional copies, based on the formatting section on specific text blocks in a Microsoft Word file, and sections with different headers and footers, and when deleting a break and after it in one section format the format of the last section, and here we offer you the steps to remove section breaks from a Word document according to the site ” business insider”.

How to remove section break in Word

Whether you’re using Microsoft Word on Windows or Mac, the steps for removing breaks are the same.

1. Select the “Home” tab already selected for the document.

2. Select Show/Hide section breaks in the document.

Press the delete key.

Make sure to turn it off, but by turning it back on:

Select the “Review” tab and click “Changes” to expand the drop-down menu.

– Click “Track Changes” in the drop-down menu to disable.

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