Learn 8 ways to protect your device from hackers

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Here are some tips that can lead to your device block platform.

First Step: Add a PIN. This step will simply prevent anyone from unlocking your phone. It is also recommended to quality a complex secret number rather than a commonly used combination such as 1234 or 9999.

Step 2: Don’t download apps from unknown sources. Downloading apps from obscure third-party activators can lead to malware installation, as iPhone users should have no apps found in any app store.

It is stored inside its store.

Third Step: You must be able to update your device. Delaying the update of your phone puts it at risk of being hacked. The phone updates you receive contain the latest security measures that can protect your device.

Step Four: Updates the applications, contributing to improved security measures.

Step 5: It is better to have a VPN when using public networks. These help create a secure network for your device when using WIFI networks.

Step 6: Install the same authentication as well to keep your social media safe.

Seventh step: Install anti-software and enable to find if your phone is lost at any time.

Step: Review the permissions of the app on your mobile phone

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