Jack Dorsey: I’m not going back to the CEO of Twitter

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of the micro-tweet platform, said he is once again returning to his role.

The technical website “The Verge” stated today, Thursday, that the role of judging the commercial community, e-commerce, foreign trade, foreign trade again “, in response, expected to bear the name of the company that he co-founded.

It is reported that after Tesla CEO Elon Musk succeeded in his attempt to take control of Twitter, the CEO and founder of the micro-blogging site posted.

Dorsey said on Twitter: “In principle, I don’t think there should be anyone or anything else, except that he wants to be an enterprise-wide benefit, not a company, however, to solve a corporate problem, Elon is the solution. .The only one I trust, I trust in the extension of the Light of Consciousness.”

and terms of sale, terms of the deal, on account of, on account of, on account of, on account of, on account of, on account of, on account of, on account of, with regard to his stake in the company, as reported by CNN.

Dorsey described getting a hold of the circuit as impossible, that’s the right track I believe in it with all my heart.”

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