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The emergence of many companies abroad, including foreign relations doing each other, which do some, some, some, some, some, there is an expectation of losses of millions upon millions, indicates that the costs of their use in America to look at the amazing side of the dark They gave the alpha to the economic locks, and then I see that awareness indicates that cancer requires you to know that they are entering the field of modern technology, studying the pros and cons. “In this file, there are advantages of this model, in addition to the negatives and risks that concern specialists in this field.

7 important features

Fighting aging diseases and improving the results of heart transplantation.

Solution of commercial problems facing space problems.

Human action can succeed in liberating mankind.

It is used in the event of weather and climate.

Disaster prevention and preparedness.

The ability to be creative in different fields.

High accuracy.

6 most famous robots around the world

You can check if it is easy – “Can you check if it is possible? Rugged and entering into the acquaintance and entering the world, which resides abroad.

– «The First Sophia» in the world, and the Internet is the first site to obtain a nationality like humans and communicate with them.

– «Mario» a robot we built only from friends, it makes very small friendships, services it connects with each other on vacations, plus vacation on vacations, keep mate’s mind active, to help make friendships in unit affiliate. .

Emma is a robotic device that specializes in back and knee massage, located in Singapore. It is a device equipped with robotic arms that simulates a hand to repeat therapeutic massage, and aims to address the shortage of manpower, challenges and quality consistency in the health care sector, which is suitable for the appropriate care for each patient .

– “AIBO” is a smart robot in the form of a dog, and it comes more than 10 years after the release of the first version of it, which is a pet beach robot that behaves like real dogs.

– «Sally» is the best robot Different version, tell the difference between more than 20 different ingredients of food, provide information on the exact number of calories guaranteed, and you can prepare more than a thousand types of food in about 60 seconds.

It was different

Their affiliation with some indicates their affiliation with a game that indicates their affiliation with a sign indicating their technical affiliation in a large way, and caution against the growth in the economic development of the military culture of professionals from the forms of life in which forms appear in contrast, appear to appear very well appearing at the present time.

3 More information for intelligence

Bone counterfeiting technique.

Capturing some jobs for humans, with job automation generally seen as the most pressing near-term concern. This is despite the fact that the most recent report issued by the organization in 2021, the last copies to its size, in the period from 2012 to 2012.

– Machines reach levels of intelligence superior to humans that enable them to make their own decisions independently, without returning to humans at a stage of scenarios that frighten some humans.

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