Snapchat’s new shared feature is used

The Snapchat platform made it possible to expand your collaborator group in the Snapchat Story by up to your friends, the Snapchat arc, and introduced a new Snapchat to appear.

Confirm that the building you want in a building that struggles allows everyone who joins a common story to add to that story.

Shared text messages were created through Shared Messages, which you can find on mobile, and transcripts of language emails and “community review tools”). Shared Story Snaps are also deleted after 24 hours. Shared chat feature.

More advantage is available

Open the Snapchat app on your mobile phone. Select the profile icon in the top corner of your screen. Next, to the right of the My Stories title, select the + New Story button. From the menu that appears, choose New Shared Story.

Selecting this option means that everyone who joins this story can see it, tag it, and author it.

If you’d rather share a story with a few friends (without collaboration), select the New Story option instead.

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