France officially bans English gaming terms for fear of its language

Graph English terms, example, example, example, example, called graph in French, came to be called graph in French.

The government decided to choose games, and, officially, banned terms such as “live broadcasting” and “cloud gaming,” AFP reported.

Henceforth, the use of the two more complex terms joueur-animateur in nuage for any governmental, and norm, engadged.

Changing the US Department of Culture to the French Department of Culture, as can be preserved in French Logos, concerned English terminology in games, having published a Glossary of French Terms in 2017.

The changes were issued in the Official Gazette of the Government, which means that they are obligated to regulate education by the Government, however it is difficult to expand into daily use or even on French websites, and previous efforts by them to replace the Académie française to replace the English did not go well, to make them not use the Internet Instead instead of using the Internet.

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