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It is described as “Web 3” or “decentralized finance”, and more, and it promises to be occupied with reading / writing / owning, with greater control and the greatest amount of writing, position and financial exclusion, but some warn of the risks of speculation and fraud in “Web 3” projects, except for About environmental, technical and ethical obstacles to technology, Al Bayan quoted the Emirati.

The report of the American magazine “Harvard Business Review” that the beginning of “Web 3”, the report of cryptocurrencies based on Blockchain technology “called “Distributed Ledger”, provides the database on a network of computers instead of one, which provides the availability of a database Data and open scalability in information.

Recruitment, used for new commercial purposes, as a million dollar innovation in Christie’s, Lots across, races

Supporters and skeptics

The report notes that the term is an industrial network recycling enterprise, meaning, in theory, the potential to break down monopolies over who controls information and who makes money and business.

Proponents argue, Web3, with small spaces, space, space, space, space and the medium of spread, new undermines the ideal arena of a decentralized network.

Over the course of three decades, (1) the result has been read-only valid. c. c, award, c. , c. , c. , c. , c. , c.

Information storage space, the space surrounding the site, and the floor space in order to have the opportunity to obtain a purchase transaction and to have the opportunity to obtain a purchase transaction.

The idea of ​​“Web 3” began to take root in 2009, the launch of “Bitcoin” in the financial database by the inventor Satoshi. Converting, “mining” the transaction by solving a complex computational problem, a new “block” of data to the chain, earning “Bitcoin” for their efforts.

While “Bitcoin” is used as a currency, “Blockchain” offers other options, such as “Ethereum” that appeared in 2015, which is a cryptocurrency and a platform on which the idea of ​​cryptocurrency projects and “Blockchain” projects, described by “Ethereum Worldwide” It cannot be controlled anywhere.

With Ethereum, a blockchain can store a token in a wallet, self-executing contract terms, or a decentralized token. While the sales and accounting are done, there have been many businesses running in the welcome times.

important change

This message works in another atmosphere in dealing with them. The report quotes A16Z venture capital partner Chris Dixon, who scolded: “Web3 is the internet owned by creators and funds, and they are coordinated using tokens.” This is important, because it is important to the other.

Finally, a new case is emerging, such as the continuous broadcast service «Sound. X YZ on « Web 3 » for artists, start games, and transact currencies whose value you pay in dollars or euros. Intent to pay as a long-term, cross-border solution for people in their economies.

Some headlines and ‘Web2’: Back to logins for every site with a logo with a house that might have a nice name. Show more control over the sites they visit.

But predictions about predictions may sound like Web 3, according to the report, but some projects are under review. Clearinghouse Coinbase and OpenSea are the largest digital marketplace for non-fungible cryptocurrency holdings and tokens.

While companies such as Microsoft, Overstock and PayPal open the doors of the union in the fee calculated from the ownership of the act of commerce

Founded Etihad Airways, which is the first to create interchangeable projects, has resulted in the creation of a company capable of participating in the creation of commercial projects. And there were Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor that offered irreplaceable tokens that could make an idea in the virtual world.

I’ve run into trouble in the industry, Nike is currently battling to destroy authorized icons, and OpenSea is full of imitators. legal problem solutions

Disadvantages of “Web 3”.

The beginnings of technology are often riddled with bumps. Some say that “Web 3” is an economy full of speculation, an economy full of speculation that brings the rich already much richer, because the large 0.01% owners of “Bitcoin” own 27% of it. Regulated area.

Then I fit it in the European Association of Translators and Subscribers in comparing the two systems. You made him take root. Concerns remain that the procurement process will disappear in the continuity of the work obtained from the work obtained from the work.

There is also harassment and abuse on Web 3; It appears that these transactions are turning out to be true.

Also, the inability to change means that the data cannot be deleted. All this is added to the negative impact of technology on the environment, energy use and technology waste.

“Web 3” destination

Nevertheless, co-founder of Ethereum believes, Vitalik Buterin Central is catching up quickly. Work postings started on 3 web projects.

Conducting a work check in the Bitcoin and Ethereum system represents a sufficient number of jobs available.

It appreciates making the platform more and more efficient. Solana in the Block also uses Proof of Stake and Proof of Date, a mechanism based on functional stamps, that can process 65,000 per second compared to the current Ethereum rate of about 15 per second, and seven for Bitcoin.

Some companies are adopting a hybrid approach that provides benefits without restrictions, where a social network can for example register its followers and their presence on the “Blockchain” but its posts giving you the option to delete them. IBM researchers say: Keeping personal data data from the blockchain in an off-chain data store with only its index (cryptographic hash) displayed, this way the on-chain reference data can be deleted.

Next is a high-risk bet, as the report states, the report has thrived, but we’ll live with some form of it either way.

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