Huawei “Replace your battery” campaign.. original spare parts at prices starting from 40 pounds

Huawei Consumer Business has announced a project of its own, in addition to the warranty period on spare parts to reach 180 days.

Continuing this comes within the framework of Huawei’s keenness to maintain its after-sales service system in Egypt. Solutions and events continue, and continue from June 11 to June 15, or until stocks run out. This service is provided through the services provided through the services provided through the service provided by Huawei customers.

Phone models that are included in the battery change data can be found on Huawei’s official website, maintenance service centers.

This is the expanded version of Huawei, with great discounts for all customers, to change the Huawei screen glass, in addition to the warranty period. Sale at discounted, exclusive and unprecedented prices to ensure Huawei’s leadership in providing after-sales services in Egypt.

She made an exclusive range of after-sales services, generalized it, brought it to the table, Huawei carewhich are kept within the warranty period, and the warranty period Experience Store Talk about after-sales services, which is the most important brand in Egypt, and it always strives to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and brand and provide everything new.

It is worth noting that Egypt managed a long period of growth Brands Kuntar Huawei framework, especially, after-sales services.

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