Kaspersky: 87 dangerous security vulnerabilities were discovered in routers during 2021

Wi-Fi routers are the number of new routers every day in the homes of the telecommunications network around the world.

According to an analytical study conducted by Kaspersky, it discovered more than 500 security vulnerabilities in routers in the year 2021, and that 87 vulnerabilities are dangerous.

Internal security abroad. Despite this, it has made it one of the biggest threats faced by the IoT devices.

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Since 2010, the number of security vulnerabilities in routers has risen steadily. In 2020, the number of vulnerabilities discovered increased to 603, about 3 times more than the vulnerabilities discovered in the previous year. It remained high in 2021 at 506 vulnerabilities, of which 87 were.

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These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to bypass authentication or send commands to the router without even disabling it.

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Number of Vulnerabilities in Routers (2010 – May 2022)

Increasing the level of news by increasing and shadowing the news. The reasons for the high risk, and this original equipment lies in the inaction of some producers of the vulnerabilities discovered, to the point of nearly a third of the dangerous vulnerabilities discovered in 2021 Recommendation including sound, while this voice in 26% of these vulnerabilities is beautiful images from tonight.

Obsess over prices for these services that are popping up these days. Publications indicate that the use of routers in environments organized their publications.

Maria Namestnikova, head of the global research and analysis team in Russia, said when writing my post, that the level of digital security has not kept pace with the speed with which it enters people’s lives, pointing to their numbers over the two years, a router, a router that did not work at home that long, and it is not announced except in rare cases. . If so, contacting people who have contact is just as late and stealing a living as they are in communication.

Find brand new data and funds.

By following these products:

It might be able to handle it through a hacked router.

• Interact with the exchanged password that comes with the router, being careful to choose a complex one and changing it regularly.

• Refrain from sharing serial numbers, IP addresses or other sensitive information of smart devices on social networks.

• Use specific WPA2 encryption for security of data transmission.

• Disable the work in setting up the router.

• Secure Security, IP can be secured and configured with DHCP Switching.

These procedures require manual tuning, and are similar to the company’s network, a long and complex process, but it will be difficult for cybercriminals in the network.

• Check the latest information surrounding imports, updates and sound visualizations, and install them in a timely manner.

• Ensure that a special security solution is installed that helps protect the shared home network.

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