Elon Musk will allow some Twitter employees to work from home .. know the details

There is a 40 hour work schedule on a week’s work schedule working on another agenda.

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, his attention to the employees of the # reason, it seems that it is because of the reason, you seem to prefer it is like working at Tesla.

………………… to CNBC: “Tesla makes cars, you can’t make cars out of the mouth,” so what specialty does a Twitter employee need to be exempt from the new rules? Which tech tycoon would like to impose and ultimately not consider? They must be “exceptional”.

Musk’s bullshit in a virtual town hall with trade staff, echoes a report from the Wall Street Journal: “Reduced the spirit of teamwork,” Musk also added to the town hall, a college for CNN. “Even if one person works remotely, sometimes oncoming work, sometimes oncoming from another…

They were allowed to have a number of people who were chosen by the title, but who were present at the ceremony.

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