Google is shutting down the Hangouts app in November

Google has announced that people who don’t appear in the app via Hangouts, appear here, appear in front of the app.

Nonsense for what was reported by the “Arab Technology News Portal”, beginning after the end of its transfer, the process of transferring individuals to the chat began.

Google says that the new message in the remaining work to move to work this month.

People who add Hangouts to Chrome are required to go to the web from Chat or the Chat install app.

It’s running in July from people who uploaded Hangouts within the web from Gmail to Chat in Gmail.

And near to be Google encourages go to chat. Available until later this year.

He sees an in-product notification notice a month before the Hangouts web format starts redirecting to the web from chat.

Conversations automatically move from Hangouts to most people. on using Google Takeout to download their data before they became Hangouts in a row.

Google Chat provides a modern, integrated experience in Google Workspace, said Ravi Caniganti, Product Manager for Google Chat. And we have big ambitions for the future of Chat. And you see over the coming months as we expect to take the next step in the remaining Hangouts to chat, we hope you appreciate the investment in our continued investment in making chat a solid place to hangout.

Google is moving Hangouts to Chat

She says that the chances of progress appear on the homeland. Prepare to edit documents, presentations or spreadsheets with side-by-side editing.

You can also enjoy sharing spaces, which is dedicated to flying on the topic. It also has access to @mentions to notify someone in the group. It also has the ability to send GIFs.

jpg In October 2020, let everyone go from Hangouts to Hangouts for free.

The text messages were messages to platform for business platform. to use.

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