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Saudi Arabia.. Establishing independent prosecutions for financial fraud crimes

The Saudi Attorney General, Chairman of the Public Prosecution Council, Sheikh Saud Al-Moajib, approved the establishment of specialized prosecutions under the name (Prosecutions for Financial Fraud Crimes), which undertake judicial procedures in combating this crime, investigating those accused of it and filing criminal cases against them before the competent courts.

Al-Mojeb’s decision came to specify the specific judicial terms of reference for the aforementioned prosecutions, which includes investigating criminal methods involving financial fraud behavior and its criminal effects, taking care of the financial and economic interests affected by that, preserving the rights of individuals, establishments, and commercial and financial entities, and linking joint penal action between parties Control, the Public Prosecution and the competent courts in a unified specialized prosecution, to contribute to the acceleration and governance of legal procedures in traditional and electronic financial fraud cases.

Through the establishment of these prosecution offices, the Public Prosecution is keen to support them with specialists in financial fraud crimes from among the members of the Public Prosecution Office, who have received specialized development programs in the field of investigation and public prosecution in such criminal patterns and methods, and ways to track the perpetrators and funds that are stolen through fraud.

It is noteworthy that this decision comes as an extension of the Public Prosecution’s interest in developing the parliamentary work related to financial fraud crimes and raising the efficiency of its specialized work from investigation units affiliated with the Money Prosecution, to these new prosecution offices with a precise and deep specialization under the name of the Financial Fraud Crimes Prosecution, leading to the specialized institutional work to combat That crime, and judicial participation with the relevant authorities to achieve safety and stability for financial transactions and protect them from sinful criminal behavior, especially across borders.

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