A strange visual illusion that makes you feel like a Coptic bird

A new optical illusion can confuse most of us into perceiving an expanding black hole, according to new research reports, and the picture comes in very well, but the researchers say they give people “a sense of darkness, as well as of a take, a light-free embrace.”“.

Perhaps the trick forward is our brain’s way of preparing us for a change of scenery. Expect the change in brightness to dark.

Except for what the website says.RTRisky energy when navigating a dark environment.

Although, this does indicate that it was checked in an aerial photograph There are corrections when checking forward to the front in a dark place“.

The first study explored to analyze this optical illusion, which is located in the vicinity of the authoritative and physiological responses.

In doing so, images of a “widening hole” in different colors were presented to a group of 50 participants of the Natural Vision Society. And in the series, mixed versions of the illusion were shown without a pattern recognizable in light or color.

And they belonged to the forward movement was more effective. But it is possible that this dream will infiltrate the elite.

Tracking the participants’ eye movements revealed dilated pupils without vision when seeing the black hole, meanwhile, the room was white, this horizon only fluctuates slightly. And “here we show the light into the new ‘widening aperture’ illusion that the pupil interacts with how we perceive light – even if that light is fictitious as in an illusion – not just the amount of light energy actually entering the individual’s eye,” says psychologist Bruno Laing of University of Oslo in Norway.

They said they were not sure 14% of the group did not realize any phantom expansion when the hole was a black hole. But even among those who realized that they realized it, the strength of the sense varied.

The results show that the rays that dilate the pupil or reflex systole are ring light, rather than solar energy, rather than solar energy..

Looking for a vision opportunity that appears before us, this is an overview“.

And if the brain was doing this, it would take milliseconds to get to the new visual information. Frontiers in human neuroscience.

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